Choosing the right VPS for WordPress websites

Hey community,

I’m not going to write a story about how I’ve been losing my mind in recent weeks when looking for the right VPS provider and that every time I find one promising, I also find some catch(es) alongside it, usually bad reviews (from a bad return policy to terrible uptime). I don’t want to waste anyone’s time either, so please let me go straight to the point (I will be glad for any advice; thank you in advance ).

I started looking for a provider that could provide a powerful, secure, and stable VPS solution for me. I host a couple of WordPress websites (some of them are just company portfolios, some are eCommerce stores) on shared hostings and the price is nowadays starting to get very similar to VPS if I deploy multiple websites on one (and potentially more) VPS(s).

Usage of VPS(s): I plan to deploy multiple WordPress websites onto one VPS, and if I will be satisfied enough with its service, I will purchase another VPSs (or vertically scale the first one) and deploy another. Of course, the mail server and database server can’t be missing, just like on shared hostings.

Location: Heart of Europe to Eastern Europe, preferably around Slovakia. I tried downloading files through the Looking Glass service, and the best download speed I had was from the Vienna server from HostHatch.

Price/budget: I would really like to fit into 200EUR (222.5USD)/year, 16,6̅EUR (18.54USD)/month. I think we are looking at budget providers within this price limit, correct?

Desired configuration: 4-core CPU (I saw almost everywhere configurations with EPYC or Xeon, so I guess that will be okay), 8GB RAM, 120+GB SSD (NVMe preferred), >=1Gbps port speed, bandwidth doesn’t really matter = the websites aren’t high traffic, and I will configure cache properly to save bandwidth as much as I will be able to.

Providers and their plans that caught my eye (some of them don’t match my desired config; in case that selected host will be much better than the other ones, I can slightly edit the desired config):

netcup – VPS 2000 G10;

– RS 1000 G9.5 – I don’t really understand how their “root servers combine the advantages of virtual and dedicated servers”, so I don’t know about this one.

HostHatch – NVMe 16 GB

Alwayzon – Virtual Server M

Hetzner – CPX31 – I am not really sure about all of the cores being shared, but HostHatch at least gives some dedicated ones (based on their description).

PHP-Friends – vServer S SSD G3 AMD

SpeedyPage – UK/4C/8GB/120GB

Webdock – SSD Bit More

EUGameHost – VPS-04 – Slightly above budget.

Contabo – Cloud VPS M – That was actually my first blind choice without even looking at alternatives, but once I saw so many bad reviews, I don’t know if this can even be considered. I’ll keep it on this list because I also saw some reviewers who had no problems with Contabo.

Feel free to post any others; I will be very grateful if you’ll advise any provider that will at least approximately meet my requirements.

Once again, thank you in advance for any kind of response .

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