Cyber Security Month 2023

As we enter the final quarter of 2023, it’s becoming increasingly evident that this year has been particularly challenging for cybersecurity.

With a surge in cyberattacks, data breaches, and vulnerabilities, organizations and individuals alike have been grappling with unprecedented numbers of threats, GreenGeeks included.

Crucial Cyber Security Threats


The cybersecurity landscape is evolving constantly. Attackers continuously adapt their tactics for newly discovered vulnerabilities, but one of the most significant cybersecurity challenges in 2023 is the relentless pace of ransomware attacks.

These attacks, where malicious actors encrypt a victim’s data and demand a ransom for its release, have become increasingly sophisticated. Targets now include vast arrays of organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises and even critical infrastructure like oil & gas pipelines.

Aside from the usual cyber security countermeasures, having a complete set of offsite backups can allow you to recover from a ransomware attack.

Supply Chain Software Vulnerabilities

In 2023, numerous vulnerabilities have been exposed within supply chains, making it easier for cybercriminals to infiltrate systems and compromise sensitive data.

Cyberattacks targeting software providers and suppliers can have far-reaching consequences, affecting countless downstream organizations.

As the SolarWinds and Kaseya incidents have shown, cyberattacks targeting software providers and suppliers can have far-reaching consequences, affecting countless downstream organizations.

These attacks are almost impossible to mitigate proactively. However, one approach is to delay updates unrelated to security until thoroughly tested.

Insiders (On-Site Attacks)

While external threats often grab the headlines, insider threats have become more prevalent in 2023.

Disgruntled employees or individuals with privileged access can pose significant risks to organizations. Preventing insider threats requires a delicate balance between trust and vigilance. This includes emphasizing the importance of regular accountability audits.

To help mitigate some of these obstacles, the GreenGeeks Security Team has implemented a variety of enhancements across our platform, including adding new and exciting features.

New Features and Functions from GreenGeeks

Enhanced 2FA Support

GreenGeeks is pleased to announce that Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is optionally available across our entire hosting network. This is to provide further security for direct logins.

This new advanced 2FA support is in addition to the existing options provided within the GreenGeeks Dashboard. And it is configurable within your GreenGeeks cPanel.

More information on configuring 2FA is available on cPanel’s website:

Bad Bot Blocking

GreenGeeks blocks “bad bots” by default, such as those that scrape website content or probe for software vulnerabilities.

With the exponential increase in the popularity of generative AI over the last year, GreenGeeks has implemented additional security rules at the server level to block AI scraping bots like ChatGPT.

Unlike normal indexing, content scraping bots exist only to siphon content from your website for their use. This is typically without royalty or credit.

In addition, the high volume of requests from content scraping bots can consume large amounts of resources. This can potentially impact legitimate visitors and lead to a degraded experience.

GreenGeeks MailHero

Spam is a never-ending problem for anyone with a website or an email address. If spammers can find a way to send an advertisement or scam, they won’t hesitate to exploit that method.

GreenGeeks is taking more proactive steps against spam with our newest release of MailHero. It’s a comprehensive, all-in-one proactive email monitoring tool that is now implemented across our EcoSite and Reseller network.

MailHero proactively monitors our servers’ email logs for common errors, spam outbreaks, and rejections and alerts our team if action is needed. This allows the GreenGeeks Security Team to mitigate potential spam issues before they worsen, which can damage your email reputation.

MailHero also helps with identifying and controlling forwarded spam, which can inadvertently cause problems for your business.

What’s better is that MailHero is currently active across all of our servers. No additional action is needed to take advantage of these benefits.

Password Generator Tool

GreenGeeks is pleased to announce our new Password Generator Tool. This tool allows customers to create secure passwords to use with their website or any other service requiring a password.

Aside from outdated website software, compromised passwords are one of the most common forms of exploits within the web hosting industry. Once there is a compromise of your password, it remains at risk indefinitely.

The GreenGeeks Security Team strongly recommends that customers take the time to audit and update all passwords within their GreenGeeks service. This includes their cPanel, FTP, email, and website-level passwords (i.e. WordPress admin password).

You should update your passwords regularly, at least once every three months. There are several ways to create a secure password, and you shouldn’t hesitate to make routine changes.


As October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, GreenGeeks wants to make sure all customers are protected and secure.

With the implementation of 2FA for cPanel, MailHero, Bot Blocking and our other exciting features, your websites, data, and email reputation have never been safer.

Protecting your data is of utmost importance today. Take steps to keep yourself, your clients, and your business safe at all times. Never underestimate the criminal element. Even the smallest of websites are targets.

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